Artist’s Statement

Art is a human activity that pays homage to something the creator contemplates, puts into abstracted form, and passes along to an audience. This “something” might be the way lovers feel towards each other, the faithful awe one holds towards God, the possible variations upon a theme, the deconstruction of time, or the way the color red looks on a cool white field.

In any case, time and resources are dedicated to something that seemingly has no immediate material benefit other than expressing the significance of the thing contemplated ( in the making of art) by creating a new form that embodies this awe and presents it to an audience. In so doing, art is a conduit by which a group becomes a culture. Therein lies its essential and necessary function.

Based in this understanding, my work involves both formal inquiry into the manner in which we see, prioritize, cognify, and comprehend visual images. It is stoic and focused in its composition. It is consistently questioning culture, religion, and politics in a typically contrarian manner.

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